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Vicente Montesinos

Director of “Adoración y Liberación”





Our dear friend and brother, Marco Tosatti, prestigious Italian Vaticanist, and dean of all of them; has published his long-awaited new book, “Galleria neovaticana“. An essential book for these times, presented by Monsignor Viganò and prefaced by Maike Hickson.

Whoever speaks to you is already embarking on their reading. And I invite you to do the same as soon as you can. Everything what Marco Tosatti can offer us is, to say the least … interesting. I would say that it is almost essential to understand the complex world of the current church.

“Neovatican Gallery”. Suggestive title for a work that as a subtitle introduces us to a current, exciting and, unfortunately, not very pleasant topic. But since it is necessary to treat it, the best that can happen to us is that someone like Tosatti addresses it: “Modernism, unspeakable vices and corruption in Bergoglio’s time

Allow me to share with the readers of “Adoración y Liberación” the editorial note that opens the book: «It takes courage to face, head-on and without reassuring embellishments or hypnotic sophistry, the terrible and incapacitating crisis that the historical and social construction of the Church is going through. Not a critical phase, not a period of withdrawal and involution, of those that history is full of, but a unique and subversive crisis that empties its salvific content from within and drastically reduces its apostolic capacity, a crisis of heretical doctrines and a impious crisis, of practices now weak, now perverse, crisis of men. Ultimately, it is a crisis of faith that has its origin in the revival of modernism, enthroned under the twisted columns of the baldachin of San Pedro by Roncalli and Montini ». «Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a faithful disciple, a late follower, a renewed echo. Nothing more and nothing less”. «With courage and realism, non recusamus laborem, we do not back down from the task of publishing it, we do not shy away from topics and arguments that are certainly bloody and repulsive, but that can provide our readers with another angle from which to observe the millennial doctrinal crisis that the ecclesial structure ».

So you see. What with pain we denounce and fight daily; and how well Marco Tosatti exposes daily in “Stilvm Cvriae”, now collected in a necessary work by himself; to which one can only approach with the reverence of one who approaches something very difficult to achieve in our day: the truth.

On behalf of the entire Catholic Faithful Remnant, the entire “Adoración y Liberación” community, our Board of Directors, and my own: Thank you for this work, dear Marco!

May God continue to bless you, and may Mary always cover you with her maternal mantle!



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