Why Donald Trump is Wearing a Mask? Is a Strategy or Should we Worry?

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Marco Nisida

Italian Contributor for “Adoración y Liberación







Hello dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, may God bless us and protect us all. Today we want to talk about Donald Trump because recently we’ve been focusing on this topic in our private telegram group and we wanted to share our thoughts with you and also hear yours back as you can write them in the comment section below.


Before to discuss our take on Trump’s recent policy change about wearing masks and vaccinations, I want first to create the right truthful context here because “by their fruits you will know them”.


Since his candidacy he has been fighting against the forces of evil and in particular he has been strongly active in defending christian’s religious freedom. During the last 6 years Donald Trump has been forcefully fighting against the following evils:


1) the tyrannical agenda of the globalist elite;

2) the ideological craziness of cultural neo-marxism;

3) the censorship of the political correctness;

4) the destruction of rule law and fundamental freedoms;

5) the dystopian suppression of objective truth;

6) the criminalization of freedom of speech;

7) the criminalization of christian faith, tradition and culture;

8) the rise of Chinese dictatorship’s influence on the world;

9) the many deceptions of the deep state and its media lies;

10) the rise of communism and socialism ideologies everywhere.


I could say many other things but I want to keep this video short and easy, so that you might want to share it with others.


We also know, for a fact, that Donald Trump’s election gave the opportunity to many ex-atheists and nonbelievers, as myself, to clearly see, for the first time, the true difference between good and evil. Moreover, many conservative voices in United States and all around the world have also been fighting against evil ideologies in defense of truthful speech, rational thinking and objective reality to the point of rediscovering and reasserting the Spirit of the Father (the Logos, the truthful speech, the objective truth).


That fight led many of us to think, search for, confront, meditate, study and finally understand, after having been contaminated by so many levels of deceptions, the complete TRUTH of Jesus Christ, our only Lord and Savior.


Because God promised us that who will seek, he shall find truth. Jeremiah 29:13 You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. 14 I will be found by you, declares the LORD, and I will restore you from captivity …  Matthew 7: 7 Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.…


We know, and I’m myself a living proof of it, that God can use and convert poor sinners and ex-atheists for His Holy Glory and for His Mighty Will. He can use defectuous and faulty persons, convert them and make them new in Jesus’s holy name in order to establish His glorious reign into the hearts of more people.


To many of us, it seems more than plausible that God might have used Donald Trump as an instrument in defense of truth against deception, in defense of good against of evil. And becoming aware of that heroic struggle against evil forces, gave us the opportunity to reclaim our conscience and to learn how to separate good from evil (in a much easier way than before, when everything was mixed together and hidden under false ideologies of compromise).


Now, let’s go back to Trump’s recent policy change about wearing masks and vaccinations.


As many of us know for a fact that we’re living in end times (and we can clearly see how all the biblical prophecies are being fulfilled under our very eyes), we can relate the use of the mask (or muzzle) to a precursor of the mark of the beast. The mask being a sign of slavery, humiliation, censorship, dehumanization, anonymity.


On the top of that, the mask (or muzzle) marks the spiritual presence of the anti-gospel social distancing technique as it states in a visually clear manner that the person wearing it doesn’t trust and doesn’t believe in true evangelical behavior towards his fellow brothers and sisters. Jesus Christ our Lord taught us the opposite: “there is no greater demonstration of true love that giving our lives for our friends”.


Most of us are totally aware of the evil plot to reduce humanity under the slavery of this tyrannical new world order, where we will not be able to buy nor sell unless we accept the mark of the beast.


That’s why, even though we credit so much Donald Trump for his many good fruits, we got vigilant and we started to internally discuss about “why” he would suddenly fall into the temptation of temporally accepting those evil’s proposals. And we ask so given that, in Italy as an example, we know perfectly well that this “control-virus” or “virus-to-control” has been nothing more that a normal flu and that it has been drastically staged mediatically in order to impose illegitimate limitations on personal freedoms and in order to further push the globalist agenda of the new world order in a much quicker fashion and without resistance.


Make yourself this question: “would you ever give away your fundamental rights and freedoms in absence of a perceived immediate threat to your life?” – That’s why Jesus our Lord told us that: Matthew 16:25 “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. 26 What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?”.


After internal discussion and some preliminary studies we came to conclude that Donald Trump might have been seriously worried about losing the next elections in November because of the fact that large sectors of the population were still terrorized by corrupted mass media and couldn’t understand Trump’s stand on not wearing masks. In fact, many polls are giving Trump as a looser and this “control-virus” has also been mediatically amplified in order to serve this political purpose among many others. They have been trying in any other possible way … remember Russia Gate? …  so this is just another one …


So, while the vast majority of conservative voters are totally against masks, vaccinations, and tyranny in general … many independent voters, who Donald Trump needs urgently in order to get reelected, have started to fear and believe in the terroristic media staged allarmistic histeria. And that’s why probably Trump had to temporally re-adjust his policy. It might be a short term strategic move in sight of the next November election day.


The question we have to ask ourselves is “Can we afford Donald Trump losing his presidency on November 2020”? “What would have already happened to us if Democrats had won 4 years ago”? And you may very well change the word Democrats for Satanists and it will still be NO exaggeration. Of course, we’re aware of the need and duty towards perfection and sanctity, but we can still easily recognize the huge difference between the two options.


Satan is on full mode attacking everywhere with feracious evil and now that we have completely lost the Catholic churches worldwide, under the control of the false prophet Bergoglio, we need to pray more than ever for God’s protection and guidance over people of good will.


Of course, we cannot exclude anything and only God knows what’s really happening here. Furthermore we know that true salvation can only come through Jesus Christ our Lord, because He is the only way, the truth, the life. Jesus Christ our Lord is the only Savior, Redeemer and our God, along with God the Eternal Father and God the Holy Spirit. Then while we maintain high vigilance over the next Trump’s move, we have to pray for him so that the Holy Spirit may guide him with the true faith in Jesus Christ and convert him to the fullest for the Glory of the Holy Trinity.


I suppose that the real problem here is that most people, and not only in United States, have not enough faith in Jesus Christ and in his promises. That’s why they so easily fall into the traps of the tyrannical and cynical spiritual warfare conducted by corrupted mass media controlled by satanic freemasonry.


It’s our duty to pray more and to pray every single day. Everyday, we have to pray the Holy Rosary, the Divine Mercy, the Precious Holy Blood of Jesus Christ, consecrate our hearts to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, to the Immaculate Heart of the Holy Virgin Mary. We have to pray for repentance and forgiveness of our sins, for divine mercy, for the conversion of all humanity, for grace and supernatural faith. We also need to pray for our leaders and especially for Donald Trump, so that he will be protected by the many temptations and deceptions that the Devil will try to impose on him. Let’s all participate in this huge biblical spiritual battle between Good and evil.


Please, write your opinion on this topic using the comment section below. Also share this video and furthermore share the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, convert and pray.


May God bless and protect us all.



Marco Nisida is an Italian Catholic Apologist, believing with supernatural faith in Jesus Christ and in the Holy Trinity. Before his conversion (through scientific, logical, critical thinking and God’s grace), he had been a convinced materialistic atheist, an ethical hedonist and an anti-christian thinker. He’s been a best seller author, speaker and thinker. He is now dedicating his life to defend Truth, spread the Gospel and follow Jesus Christ: the only Way, the Truth, the Life. https://marconisida.com – Italian Contributor for Adoración y Liberación





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